Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 2 Days 2 & 3

Connor left this morning to go to Branson with Kim and her family. Kevin's side does an annual family reunion at the same resort for the past 40 years. Connor was invited to help entertain Mason and is really looking forward to fishing, swimming, cookouts, bumper boats, a show and more while there. He said "Happy Father's Day" to Keith and then was out the door on vacation.

Day 2 (Sunday) called for "20 minutes easy". I ran at 8:30 p.m. and it was hot but not as bad as Saturday morning's run. I ran through my neighborhood and did 2 miles in 22 minutes. I feel when I run in the evening that I am worn out from the day and just never get into the running grove. Before the run I was feeling sluggish so I ate half a peanut butter sandwich in hopes of getting some energy. I'm proud that I went out and completed my scheduled run despite not feeling like it.

We celebrated Father's Day by attending Church then heading out to Dos Charros for lunch and Berri Luscious for frozen yogurt. Keith had to work lights in the sound both at Church which requires him to be there for all 3 services. He didn't leave till around 12:30 so we knew that all the steak houses would have a long wait. Afterwards, we went to Stonebriar Mall and the AMC IMAX theatre and watched Super 8. Not impressed with the IMAX. Just like any other screen just a lot bigger. I thought they were suppose to be bowed in the center and such? Maybe, not. The movie was OK. Not really my kind of movie but it wasn't my day ;-). The kids got him a biking jersey to try and keep him cool while out cycling.

Day 3 (Monday) called for "45 minute run or cross train". I opted for cross train to try and build core strength. I went to boot camp at the Church and had a great workout. My least favorite thing is the "plank" and we got to do that today, woohoo! It was a good workout.

We are now getting ready to switch out refrigerators. A friend is selling a year old French-Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator. Oh... the things that excite you as an adult!

We've been wanting one to give us more fridge space. The side by side fridge we have is barely wide enough for a pizza box. Hopefully, the new one will allow us more space. I may need to leave the house while Keith and our good friend/neighbor Rusty move the fridge. I tend to manage the moving of things and think I know the best way which usually results in an arguement. It's hard to keep my opinions to myself so leaving may be the best bet :-).

Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly!


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