Saturday, June 11, 2011

Made a BIG decision

So, I did it! I bit the bullet and succumbed to peer pressure and signed up for the Dallas White Rock Marathon, 26.2 miles. Keith also said if I did a full marathon he would bike a Century, 100 miles. He is in the process of researching that since he didn't think I would commit to a marathon :-)

I'm nervous, scared and excited about the challenge. In order to prepare properly for this momentous event I signed up with a running group at Luke's Locker. They offer running coaches, weekly training schedules, education and injury prevention classes and Saturday morning runs. Lots of support and coaching, which I am going to need.

Last Saturday was day 1 of marathon training. We met at Luke's parking lot at 6:00 a.m. and did a 3 mile run evaluation. Before the 3 mile run we did a warm up run around the parking lot and some stretches. Next we started the 3 mile in waves based on your normal running time. I was lucky to run with one of the coaches and we chatted along the run. She was really sweet and I look forward to gtting to know her better. Oh, did I mention that Luke's has a rule about NO MP3 players on Saturday runs? Yep, you heard that correct. The reason behind it is that running is an individual sport. Training to run is a group activity. Being a part of this team means working as a group to accomplish individual goals. I thought going into it that I would never make it. But, I did survive my first 3 mile run with no music and an awesome group of people to keep me motivated.

So, based on your time they placed you in running groups. I'm in the "Red" group because I am slow as a turtle compared to some of these runners but my goal is not for a's simply COMPLETION!

There were probably 30 people at Luke's on Saturday and they were all very nice and supportitive. My friend from Church, Amy, was there and she is the one who told me about Luke's running program and helped me get off the fence and decide to do the marathon. Thanks ALOT Amy!! Your hubby is trying to find a way to get me out of class for good, isn't he? :-)

I'm looking forward to the next group run next Saturday, 4 miles.

P.S. We celebrated Keith's birthday (6/8) tonight at Benihanas. Courtney was at Church camp last week on his birthday so we waited to go to our favorite restaurant when she was home. Happy Birthday, sweetie!


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