Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ups and Downs...Continue

Well, it is just amazing. As I mentioned in my last post I have been trying to get a home closed for two weeks. It amazes me some peoples un-professionalism. The engineer that we are paying and is suppose to come out and write the final report, again, hopefully it passes. That is another story in itself. I called to set a time up with him and he could care less. He will get out there when he can, he has other business to attend to and to quote him, "I'll try and come out later today but I'm not promising anything". Spiffy! I can guarantee that I will NEVER use his services again and will have him removed from the offices preferred vendor list.

So get this.....We have another house under contract and today is the closing. This couple is moving cross country. They set up a moving truck and movers, two different companies. They have used the movers before and confirmed their appointment for today. Guess what? 8:30 rolls on by and no sign of the movers. They call to find out where the guys are and they can't find them on the books. They had to scramble but luckily have been able to find another company that will be out in the next hour. It is the end of the month so that could have been a nightmare in and of itself. Please say a prayer for both these homes. It ain't over till it's funded!

T minus 2 days until much needed vacation!

Shout out to Mrs. Mack if she is reading!:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ups and Downs...

Kim and I got two new listings this week, yippee. However, one of our listings that is under contract has had one problem after another this week. The house was suppose to close on July 18th. Then the closing was moved to today. Now it is pushed off till next week, hopefully, before I leave on my 3 day vacation next weekend. It just amazes me how some houses have one problem after another. This has been going on pretty much since we got the contract on the house, Father's Day Weekend, we have had a series of problems arise. I'm frustrated, the seller is, the buyer is, the buyers agent, the contractor doing some of the repairs is frustrated, the lender, the title company and last but not least the man of the hour causing the MOST headaches, the STRUCTURAL ENGINEER!!! That's alot of people frustrated! When will it END????

On a positive note, Courtney gets home from camp tonight around 4:30. Can't wait to hear about it. She was very excited when she left and I'm sure she had a blast. I'll keep you posted.

Calgon take me away, seriously; far, far away!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun on the boat!

We went out to Grapevine Lake today with our dear friends, Janet and Justin. The kids tubed and Keith attempted to water ski. We had a great time. It is amazing how quickly the day goes by when you are out eating and playing on the lake. This is one of the highlights of the kids summer. The kids love to hang with Janet and Justin plus they enjoy being out on the boat and tube. After being on the lake all day we came back to their home and enjoyed hamburgers and fixins. You never leave hungry from the Huffman's. Thanks guys for a great day!

Courtney leaves tomorrow for Church camp. She is really excited! She had a great time last year. Please say a prayer for her safety and all those traveling with her.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No posts lately...

Although it is summer and I should have a lot to post about I just havent. Work has been steady and we've had a couple listing appointments. Hope they turn into listings, soon!

Connor is doing a day camp at the YMCA. They had a field trip today and went to the Science Place and an IMAX movie, Stomp. He is having a great time. He has done some kyaking, archery and swimming. Fun boy stuff.

Courtney and I have had the chance to spend some girl time together. We went to the movie Kit Kittredge yesterday and today she hung out at work with me then we enjoyed lunch at On The Border.

Tomorrow I will watch Ellaina in the morning and take her for a walk around Town Lake with Kim and Cathy.

If you get a chance check out Keith's blog, http://livinlikenooneelse.blogspot.com/
it has some great financial information to help you become "Debt Free"!

Just a little update on our life...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am so excited. My kids come home tomorrow. I haven't seen them in two plus weeks. They should get in around lunch time. Yippee!!! I can't wait to see their cute lil faces!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I love popcorn!

I am so excited! It's the little things in life. Today I pick up our popcorn machine for the gameroom. Kim and I have a listing that is pending closing. The house has a media room and game room and they have this cool popcorn machine. When we went to do our listing presentation I mentioned that I would love to buy the machine when they move if they don't need it anymore. Luckily for me they don't! The kids are going to be thrilled, they eat popcorn almost everyday and they will be able to watch it pop versus putting it in the microwave.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Keith and I started Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover in October 2006. We took the Financial Peace classes at our Church which is a course designed by Dave. It has been phenomenal! Normally, I find financial classes and books to be boring or hard to understand. Dave lays it out in a humorous and easy to read fashion. I started by reading the Total Money Makeover. Keith read it first and was all fired up. He gave me the book and I set it aside. He asked me a couple times if I had read it and I hadn't. One day when I had some extra time I opened it up, I figured I had to read at least one chapter to get him off my back. I couldn't put the book down and finished it the same day.

We have been following Dave's babysteps and let me tell you, IT WORKS! Since October 2006 we have paid off both our vehicles and our credit cards totalling $63,000! We have less than $6,000 to pay off and will do that by the end of this month, as long as both my closings happen. We will be debt free except for our mortgage.

I can't believe it! A couple years ago I was looking at our dismal financial situation and wondering if we would ever be able to climb out of debt. Keith was laid off after 9-11 and for 7 months we basically lived off of credit cards. But I am happy to say we changed that situation and are trying to teach our kids how to be responsible with money. It is awesome to see your 10 year old walk into a store to buy something only to leave the store empty handed because they chose not to buy the spur of the moment item but to save up their money for something special. It is also cool to see them tithing at Church or giving to the needy.

If we can help our kids avoid making bad financial decisions that we did they will have a better head start on life.

It really does work folks, I have the book if your interested. It is easy to do and just takes some will power and a desire to be DEBT FREE!

P.S. No, I am not being paid by Dave Ramsey to promote his book! :)

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