Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 8 Day 1 of marathon training - Torture at Hoblitzelle Park!

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Nothing real exciting was happening in the marathon training. We have been increasing a mile each Saturday and today was the first time we added in "hill repeats" to our 10 mile run.

We started off running 6 miles of very hilly terrain. This is the first time we took our new route and to say it was hilly was an understatement. When we arrived at Hoblitzelle Park in Plano we ran for a while on the running trails to a horse shoe area with a gradual hill that is about a 100 yard incline. We ran up and down the hill 3 times. We focused on working on our form and keeping our pace steady and not speeding up while running the hill. It was a COMPLETE beating! I felt muscles in my legs that I have never noticed before. I was completely spent at the end of the hills. I left my Garmin on during the hill repeats and it added .90 miles to our mileage.

After the hills we walked a short way to the next water stop, refilled and started back running on the trail in the park. Upon exiting the park we returned to the hilly terrain for our trek back to Luke's Locker. I had zero energy left and had to dig deep to make it back. We walked several times and the last two miles my foot pain returned in my toes. It was miserable! I've never had to dig so deep to finish a run. I felt bad for the running coach, Kristen, that was with me. I had nothing positive to say and have never been so happy to see Luke's and the end to my nightmare.

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