Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Update!

Where to begin? I guess Thursday night. Kim and I took Kristen and Amy out to dinner at Sicilly's to Thank them for the referral of their parents. We had a great dinner with a glass of wine but didn't stop there. We headed to TGI Fridays afterwards for dessert. We had a great time!

Saturday was a BUSY day! I started the day off showing some clients homes and I think they are close to making a decision, I hope so. Next, we grabbed lunch and I took Courtney to Justice where she picked out a cute pink dress with black polka dots for the Valentine dance at school this coming Friday. Then it was time to take Connor for basketball pictures at the YMCA and his game, which he shot a basket to contribute to the 8 points they made. They are doing better!

After the game Courtney and I headed to IKEA to pick up some finials for the rod I bought for the curtains in the dining room. I love the way it turned out all thought the picture didn't turn out great. The walls are a Laura Ashley light brown and the curtains are brown/purple although it looks burgundy and matches the rug in the dining room and entry.

Then Courtney and I headed to Stonebriar Mall where we had dinner then shopped. Gap had a great clearance on boys pants so I picked some up for next year. Courtney got a pair of shoes for the dance, a necklace and a headband thing from Claires for the dance too. We also splurged on some caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks and some sour gummy candy from the candy store. It was a lot of fun and some much needed Mommy/Daughter time.

We have been watching Paco since last night and he tried to escape twice today. The second time we had to drive around the nighborhood looking for him but after 15 minutes he was found! I sure didn't want to tell Kim that I lost her dog! Even if he did escape from under the fence. He is stressing me out big time!

Tonight we head over to Brad and Kym's for the super bowl! Should be fun...


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