Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am thrilled! Kim and I landed our first listing today. We had a goal to obtain one signed listing agreement this month and we did it, just in the nick of time I might add. Thanks to our dear friend, Kristen, who recommended us to her parents! THANK YOU, KRISTEN!!!!

I felt the presentation went really well. I was proud of Kim and I because this is the 2nd presentation we've done. We tweaked our presentation from the first time we presented it and it really flowed much better. It helped to have such a sweet couple to present it to.

It is time to make goals for February. Kim, are you ready? I am aiming for 3! It will be tough especially since February is a shorter month but I have faith and now all the world can see it in writing!

News on the family....Courtney stayed home yesterday and today with a fever. I took both kids into the doctor because Connor has had a bad cough for well over a month, on and off. Turns out Courtney just has a cold and Connor needed some Zithromax to help his cough. No strep or flu! I am hoping to have a HEALTHY month in February. Between me, the kids and my nephew, I have had!

Just wanted to share the exciting news....


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