Friday, January 18, 2008

Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre

We took the train into Manhattan again and went to an Italian restaurant recommended by a guy who deals with restaurants on the shuttle bus to the train station. We ate at Serafina on Lafayette & 4th Street and it was a really cool bar/restaurant. We had a great dinner then walked a short distance to the theatre. Here is Keith at dinner:

The theatre was small (in it's past life was a residence) and only held 300 people. We were on the balcony level so we had a great view but the seating was for midgets. You think airplanes give you no leg room? Well, this theatre took the cake. We were crammed in like sardines. The show was so good that it made up for the lack of comfort. I was selected to hold a prop during the show. One of the Blue Men climbed the wall to the balcony then took the box of Toblerone I was given and gave it to another member of the audience. Inside were 3 pieces of chocolate that the audience member threw and the blue man caught each one in his mouth then spit it all out into her hand. It sounds gross but was very entertaining! If you have never seen the Blue Man Group I would highly recommend it. They are awesome. You can learn more about them at: They do not allow photography in the theatre at all. I did manage to find this picture online of them.

We are off to find knock off Coach purses. Wish me luck!


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