Friday, January 25, 2008


I hate waiting! Kim and I had our first listing presentation on Tuesday night. We did a great job but did not walk out with a signed listing. The seller is still interviewing agents so we still have a chance. I hope we find out soon!

I woke up Wednesday feeling very sick. I'm going to the doctor in an hour to find out what is up. Keith thinks I have an inner ear infection and that is why my equilibrium is off and I have been sick to my stomach. I wont go into details as I'm sure you can guess.

I was hoping for a bad weather day today. All the hype yesterday had me believing we would wake up to ice on the ground....I don't see any?

Courtney is doing a mini-baladora dance clinic tomorrow with Katie. It is with the drill team at Boyd High School. They did it last January and had a blast. She is taking after her Aunt Kim, she may just be on drill team when she is in high school.

Connor has another basketball game tomorrow at the Y. He is enjoying it and even won last weekends game, the other team forfeited but it still counts as a win!

Take care!

UPDATE: Just got home from doctor and I have an inner ear infection which is causing my vertigo,nausea and tummy problems. Glad to know it isn't the flu!


Tracy said...

I hope you feel better Laura and good luck with your listing!

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