Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting 2008

Hi! Well 2008 has kicked off and we are running full steam. We had fun at the Daugherty's on New Year's Eve. Here is a picture of all the girls:

We had alot of fun playing games and just hanging out. The guys were busy playing Texas Hold 'Em while we took this picture.

I worked today and although I have been away since my birthday I didn't have a lot to catch up on, sure was nice. I'm thinking of changing things up this year work wise and will post more as decisions are made.

Courtney had one of her bestfriends move in down the street back in Novemeber and they have been inseperable. Lots of sleep overs at each other's homes which she has been enjoying. I finally gave in and let Connor have his best buddy, Clay, over tonight for a sleepover. They are upstairs with my biggest kid watching the Transformers movie.

I've decided to start pilates again. It worked well for me when I did it over a year ago and now the only thing holding me back is getting the dvd player hooked up in my room so I can do the dvd's. Help me get motivated, I really want to do it but always find an excuse not to. Swim suit season is not that far off so I better get on the stick. I want this year to be all about positive changes!!!



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