Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another weekend!

What a weekend! For what seemed to start off as a relaxing weekend didn't end up that way.

Friday night I watched my nephews, Gavin and Mason, so Kim and Kevin could celebrate Valentine's Day, a day late. They were both great but that furry brother of theirs, Paco, gave me another near heart attack.

Saturday turned into moving day for my home office. We have a study downstairs and since Keith and I both work from home now it hasn't been conducive to me being in there. Keith is on a lot of conference calls which means when I get a call I need to grab my laptop and run into another room. I was not enjoying that so I have moved my desk to the guest room. Kim helped me rearrange to make everything fit. I really like it up here and want to throw up some curtains and artwork but I did get a bookcase of sorts to help store my mounds of paperwork from IKEA. I want to grab some baskets to put in some of the slots but this will work for now. I will also be bringing up the copier/fax/printer/scanner all in one HP unit I have but apparently the USB cable we currently have is too short.

Connor had another basketball game at the Y. It was nothing to write about, not one point by our team, OUCH!

Keith and I got to go to dinner at Macaroni Grill on Saturday night after basketball and Kim took the kids to see Kevin at the Fire Station in Mesquite. We had a nice time grabbing dinner and shopping at IKEA.

Until next time....


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