Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm Bummed!!!!

Well, No Dave Ramsey for Keith and I. Want to know why??? We have the FLU!!! Keith went to the doctor on Wednesday and they said it was strep. He started feeling worse on Thursday and Thursday night I started feeling bad with a fever and aches. We both went in yesterday and found out we have the FLU. We are both on Tamiflu and I think mine was caught earlier since I am starting to feel better but as much as I want to go to Ramsey I can't bring myself to subject thousands of others with the flu bug even though they did it to me. So it looks like Keith and I will spend the weekend taking medicine and sleeping. The coedine cough medicine the doctor gave me makes me feel like I am in another world, it does help with the cough so I'll keep using it.

Anyone want to take my kids? Courtney has a birthday slumber party tonight that she is looking forward to. Please pray she does not catch this flu bug.

Have a good weekend!


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