Friday, October 30, 2009

Scare on the Square

We headed out late this afternoon for the annual "Scare on the Square" in historic downtown McKinney. Kim and I have our real estate office downtown and we set up camp outside our office and handed out candy to the trick or treaters along with other business owners. Little did we know, this is our first time attending the event, but it was a mob scene. Kim and I naively purchased 600 individually wrapped candies that we stapled our business cards too. We set up lawn chairs outside our office on the sidewalk, set up our chalkboard advertising and got the bubble blower going and at 4:00 the kids started coming. At 4:30 we packed up, we were completely OUT of candy. We were bummed! We thought of getting more but if you've ever been downtown McKinney during an event you realize the traffic and parking is horrendous and we even have reserved parking that others ignore.

I got a shot of Kim handing out candy.

Since we were out of candy we went around with the kids so that we could better prepare for 2010. The lines were long and kept growing but the kids enjoyed getting candy, enjoying the beautiful weather and walking around the beautiful square and people watching.

Pirate Courtney (Ay Matey!)

There was also the Ghostbusters Car:

We had a lot of fun :)


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