Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 16th Anniversary, Keith

As I stop and look back over the past 16 years I am amazed at how quickly time goes by. Keith and I met while working for Triangle Pacific, a cabinet company, thanks to my sister's best friends mom, Sherry Loos.

I worked in Addison in the sales office. One of my roles was to schedule deliveries for our clients (David Weekley, Highland Homes, etc...). Keith worked at the plant in McKinney where they built the cabinets and was a truck driver at the time. One day I left a delivery off the truck and it was for a new client. I called up to the plant in McKinney and was begging that they squeeze one more order on the truck. I promised lunch to Keith and his boss if they could get it on. Low and behold that order made it on the truck. I honored my word and met Keith and his boss at El Chicos. I wasn't about to go alone so I invited my boss Janie who lived in Princeton to come along with me. We had a lot of laughs at that lunch and shortly after Keith asked me out on a date. We started dating in November 1992, we got engaged 3 short months later on February 24, 1993 and married in October.

Our wedding day was an unusually warm day. We had pictures taken with the bridal party before the ceremony (we didn't see one another until the ceremony). At one point I had to have someone in the wedding party get a oscilating fan out of the nursery to cool me down. It was quite funny! We had a small bridal party and my sister is sure to remind me that she was not my maid of honor. She was a bridesmaid and a beautiful one at that. I had two dear high school friends (Crista & Janet) in my wedding who I still am in touch with today and my sister, Kim. Keith had two of his high school buddies (Clint and Daryl) and his cousin (Trey) as groomsmen. Then we had Keith's niece, Emily and nephew, Justin as flower girl and ring bearer. It was a small ceremony at Murphy Road Baptist in Murphy, TX and the reception was at the Church with the wedding and grooms cake. It was a beautiful day. Keith and I had dinner at Steak and Ale that evening then stayed at the Double Tree Hotel and left the next day for our honeymoon in Florida.

We were married 4 years before Courtney came along and 27 months after she was born we had Connor. We have been extremely blessed with two beautiful and healthy children.

Thank you Keith for being a wonderful husband & loving father to our family. I love you very much and here is to many more happy years.


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