Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on Emily

Keith has made it to Oklahoma and is at the hospital with his mom and sister and has gotten to go in ICU and see Emily.

Since so many have asked let me try and tell you what has happened to the best of my ability. Emily was out at a fast food restaurant on Friday and had eaten her meal and gone into the restroom. While in the RR she had a seizure. Food asperated into her lungs and she was without oxygen to her brain for an undetermined amount of time.
She was rushed to the hospital and put in a drug induced coma, ventilator and tubes placed in her lungs to clear them out. She had a brain scan and the result was a 2, not sure what exactly that means although we've been told it is not good, she could be brain dead. Her core body temperature reached 105 (the part of the brain that regulates this has been affected) so they placed her on cooling pads to get the temperature down. It helped but when they tried to remove the cooling pads her temperature began to rise so they are using them again. Her heart rate has been low and her blood sugar levels have been high so they have been giving her insulin which appears to be helping. The doctors yesterday believed that she would not be able to function on her own without the help of life support that she currently is on.

At some point during the night (Saturday) or early morning Sunday they started to ween her out of the drug induced coma. She has opened and closed her eyes when asked by her parents to do so. Most of the medications she is on for pain have been reduced and some as much as half. However, she is not fully concious and is still on the respirator. The neurologist who examined her today said he does not see a change in her from yesterday.

This is all I know at the current time, I know it is jumbled as I'm trying to relay what Keith told me and his mom told him. Please continue to keep Emily and her family in your prayers. Please continue to pray for the doctors treating her and that God will preform a miracle on her as we know he can.

We love you, Emily!


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