Monday, September 7, 2009

It's September?

Wow, time is certainly flying by. School is in full swing and the kids have completed their second week. Courtney is enjoying Middle School and Connor is settling in to 4th grade.

We are staying busy with extra curricular activities as well. Keith and I joined Lifetime Fitness two weeks ago. I've managed to make it 3 days a week. I've done a Core Class and really enjoyed the Hydro Training (water aerobics). I think I like the Hydro Training the best since it is easier on your joints and I have knee problems so it seems to be the best fit for me to get back in the swing of exercise. It doesn't hurt that I'm one of the youngest in the class.

Connor is playing soccer for his 6th year and Keith is coaching. It has proven to be a challenging season as we only have 8 players and we need at least 6 on the field for a game so lots of field time for the boys.

Courtney is playing volleyball again, her 3rd year, and it will probably be her last season. She is not enjoying it as much as she once did.

Our neighbor told us about the Frisco Velodrome. An outdoor cycling track with fixed gear track bikes. I really thought that Connor would love this, HE DOES, but was surprised to find out Courtney wanted to try it out and she too loves it. The coach said that Courtney was made for this sport. Both kids are doing awesome, Keith and I are so proud. Race season starts this Friday however, it will probably be a few more weeks before they can participate in the races as they are still learning the bikes, track and all the in's and out's of the sport.

We also signed the kids up for their first triathlon. Stonebridge Ranch puts on a kids triathlon every year and it is a great opportunity to see if there is a real desire to do these. Both kids are excited and the event is later this month so we have been training at the track, pool and biking the course. Connor will participate in the 7-10 year old division which consists of a 50M swim, 3 mile bike ride and 1/2 mile run. Courtney is with the 11-14 year old's: 100M swim, 6 mile bike, 1 mile run. It's a very doable race for them both so I hope they enjoy it as much after participating as they are excited about it coming up.

We are trying to lead a more active lifestyle and enjoyed two family bike rides over the weekend. The kids got to do some rock wall climbing at Lifetime Fitness too.

Enjoy the pictures.

Courtney on rockwall:

Connor on rockwall:

Courtney at Velodrome:

Connor at Velodrome:

In the video Courtney is first, the Mason, next is another child and last is Connor.


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