Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally, some small praises to report

I just got off the phone with Keith. Emily has made some small improvements. I mentioned in my last post she had opened and closed her eyes when her parents asked her to. She has also wiggled her toes, winced in pain during a shot and moaned in pain. These are good signs as her body and brain are responding. The latest doctor to check on her has said that these are good signs and he hopes they continue. Praise God for these little signs of hope.

Doctors are people too. We have to remember that they can only report what they see but we know that they can't always predict the outcome of these situations and God is the one in control. Prayer is so powerful and I thank you all for your prayers for Emily and her family, keep them coming.

I did find out more information on the seizure. The seizures she experienced as a child could never be diagnosed by the doctors she saw. They became fewer and fewer over the years and were always small ones. Apparently, over the course of the last several months she has had 6-7 seizures and two just this past week leading up to this Grand Mal Seizure. Unfortunately, she did not tell her family and the only one that knew about them was her significant other. They did not seek out a doctor or inform the family for treatment prior to this. I desperately wish one of them would have said something but we can't change the past.

I know God was watching out for Emily. It just so happens the restaurant that she had the seizure in is across the street from the hospital so she was able to get there quickly once she was found.

Her core temperature is remaining stable with the help of the cooling pads.

Praise God! Please continue to pray.


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