Friday, April 25, 2008

Mini remodel in Kitchen

So....about a month ago I posted samples of granite. We were suppose to have it installed last week but par for course it wasn't done until Tuesday of this week. I have a party tonight so it has been chaotic week and my home is full of dust.

So we have the old counters (granite tiles with wood edge) removed and the new granite slab installed. They manage not to destroy the backsplash but leave a 3/4 inch gap between the top of the granite and the bottom of the backsplash.
(You can click on the pictures to enlarge)

We can't leave it like that so we go to the store and the salesperson says to put in a filler piece. We felt that it would look like an after thought, and it would have been, and decide to suck up the added expense and get it done right by adding a new backsplash. Luckily, with the connections I've made in real estate I call upon a master tile man, Tiles by Cali, and Carlos comes out to give us his opinion on a replacement backsplash. He started work on Wednesday with the demolition of the old tile. Yesterday he and Louis spend 9 hours putting in the new one. They have to come back today to seal it. In the meantime my house is a disaster and what started off as new countertops has turned into....countertops, backsplash and on May 5th I am having a painter out to remove the wallpaper, skip trowel and paint the kitchen and living room. It should really make a HUGE difference when the wallpaper is gone. As I tell sellers, wallpaper is out, I should take my own advice and did. Now onto figuring out what color to paint the rooms. Advice needed. Here are some before and after pictures but all the cleanup has not been done. I should get to work but I am waiting for the backsplash to be sealed and why clean twice.





Close up of Tropical Brown Granite:


Courtney Smith said...

Wow, it looks great!!

Steph and Tim said...

I really love the tile you chose for the backsplash! It looks great!

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