Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are you an Organ Donor?

April is Organ Donation Month.

Waiting list candidates 98,718 as of 04/07/2008
Transplants January - January 2008 2,196 as of 04/04/2008
Donors January - January 2008 1,130 as of 04/04/2008

Are you an organ donor? If your answer is no then you need to read further.

How to become an organ donor: www.donatelife.net/ or http://www.organdonor.gov/

It is really easy to sign up and one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Be sure to tell a family member so they can carry out your wishes. Why wouldn't you donate? You don't need your organs in Heaven. Help a infant, child, teenager, mother, sister, father, son and more.

On the fence? I'll share my personal experience with organ donation and the years it added to my own mother's life after her double lung transplant in 1996.

More later....


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