Friday, December 5, 2008

Courtney's CRAZY birthday!

Tonight is Courtney's 11th birthday party. It is a scavenger hunt/slumber party. We did the scavenger hunt was after a pizza dinner and it was a lot of fun. The neighbors were a good sport. They were broken into two teams, I led one and my best friend Toni led the other.

After the hunt the girls had hot chocolate and smores then when the last of the party guests arrived Courtney opened her gifts. She got some cute stuff, she has great friends.

Courtney FACT: Courtney absolutely LOVES toe socks. She asked each of her guests to wear a pair.

Currently they are playing a game in the dark. I had to hide a santa hat upstairs and they turned off all the lights and are looking for it, hope nothing breaks.

Wonder what's to come next.....Stay tuned!


Toni said...

So much fun!!!

What am I listening to?

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