Monday, March 21, 2011

Connor turns 11!

Today is Connor's 11th birthday. It has been a much anticipated birthday for him because he knew he should be getting a cell phone. Courtney got a cell phone for her 11th birthday and Connor has eagerly been awaiting his turn.

He woke up early this morning so that he could open presents before school and of course anxious and hopeful to get his hands on his very own cell phone. The funny thing about it is that he was happy to get his cell phone but the gift that got the biggest reaction was a pair of hideous tennis shoes he wanted. We had him convinced that he wouldn't get them because he doesn't take care of his things and the shoes were expensive. I typically buy him inexpensive shoes because his feet grow so fast and he is so ROUGH on them. However, I caved as this was the one item he REALLY wanted besides the cell phone of course. We put "rules" on the shoes and the phone. The shoes he can only wear at school, Church and going out. He absolutely cannot wear them to play outside after school as this is when the most destruction takes place. So, what are these shoes that he had to have? Reebok Zigtech.

I brought Subway for lunch to school for him today. It was bittersweeet, the last time I can bring him lunch on his birthday. Apparently, it is not cool to have your parent join you for lunch in middle school. Can't believe he will be there next year. Tonight, we are heading out to celebrate with dinner at Macaroni Grill.

I believe he has had a great day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes on facebook. I shared them with him and he thought it was cool.


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