Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

The kids, Mason and I headed to the pumpkin patch today. The kids were out of school for parent-teacher conferences. It was perfect weather for the pumpkin patch, it was 55 and windy and I LOVED IT! We took a hayride, fed the animals and picked pumpkins. Some shots from our day:


Kim Daugherty said... would think that by looking at the photos that only YOUR children went to the pumpkin patch and had any fun. Although, it DID say that Mason was there....oh, well - I guess he wasn't allowed in a picture. I can hear it now, "Mason, you need to stand over there - no, you can't be in the picture...we don't love you enough". Am I on point? Or maybe you didn't let him out of the car and he never even went in? HMMM...I'll make sure the next time we have your kids with us on a family outing that they are not in any of the pictures. That might imply we love them. I'm not bitter though.

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